Aloha Kanaka O Hula Halau

Welcome to our Hula Website.

Aloha Ka'naka O Hula Halau translated as “LOVING PEOPLE OF HAWAI’I” have been performing since the Year 2004.

We performed  anywhere within the North Carolina Region, South Carolina, Jacksonville, Wilmington and other different counties within NC to share the spirit of Aloha.

We like to do different promotiions, fundraising, luaus such as Weddings, Anniversaries, retirements and different type of events for different businesses. We we also contribute our time annually for the Dogwood Festival, International Folk Festival, Multi-cultural Heritage, Asian Pacific Heritages and also for Teachers Appreciation, most of all is for our Troops in Fort Bragg.

We are members of the Arts Council and also being sponsored by the Fayetteville Observer who promotes our business to the public schools, recreational center, and many more.

Our Hula Class is located at Town of Hope MIlls Rec Center. 

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